Pictured below are a few piles of sand stock pilled and waiting to be used in 1 of the 3 drain fields.  We will be hauling in approximately 40 more loads of certified sand for our scientifically engineered and environmentally freindly designed drainfields. Yes, we are overbuilding this RV Park, but we do not want to leave any bad footprints in our environment or world.  This RV Park will be here for decades to come and not damage the environment. It will be a good neighbor to the community and a place that folks will be proud to stay and enjoy staying.

A view taken about middle ways the park. The registration office/manager's apartment will be built just in front of this area that has not been built up or raised. 

Above: The beginning development of a small Holding Pond near the back of RV Park. A holding pond is required of most all new developments. Its main purpose is to retain sediment laden water - stop or drastically reduce sediment laden water before it enters our streams and rivers and to reduce water runoff. 

The above picture shows some of the equipment being used in developing CREEKSIDE RV PARK.

 A picture taken from about the point of the proposed road. Yes, our road being 25' wide is going to be Big Rig friendly.

Landscape, landscape, landscape, we have plans to beautify CREEKSIDE RV PARK with beautiful scrubs and trees. Of all trees our tree preference is the Live Oak. Our plans call for no less than 3 types of trees, but most of our trees will be the Live Oak. We plan on planting no less than 8 -10 different varieties of scrubs. Each space will be landscaped with a tree or 2, an average of 50 scrubs, and 16' of privacy fence.

 We have the proper elevation in place and are now about ready to install the sewer lines, electric power lines, and water lines. All of these utilities will be laid underground.  The next phase will be the building the registration office and manager's apartment, the roads, parking pads, and finally the landscaping.    


Pictured above is Justin, our oldest son.  He and I work and maintain most of  our equipment. He is manager in training and a big help to his mother in yard maintenance.

Pictured below - we had to go ahead and plant just a few scrubs on the first site simply to get a better idea of how the scrubs are going to look.  Many more will follow in the next couple of months.

Pictured below is what the area of the drive looks like right now 11/11/2010.  Next week we are starting on finishing the drive with a rock base of 8"  and 6" of reinforced concrete. Also, we will be installing 72' of 18" concrete pipe for this wide commercial style drive way.

 A front view of the Registration Office/Manager's Apartment. Picture taken Friday morning - 04/29/2011.

A view of the side/back of Creekside's Registration Office/Manager's Apartment. The outside is now ready to be covered with log siding. The anticipated completion date for this building is 06/30/2011.  

This is an inside view of part of Creekside RV Park's Registration Office/Manager's Apartment. 

 We are making progress - near completion as this view from near the entrance shows. 

 A view of the south end of the office and showing some of the parking area for folks to park and check in. As the picture shows we are very near completion. Photo by Justin.

 A picture showing the inside of our cabin's bedroom just before it was completed. Picture by Justin.

This caption above is of Rodney & Justin installing a security light on November 20, 2014. Justin is operating the back hoe, but of course he is currently off the back hoe and taking a picture of his dad attaching the light head to the pole and wiring of the light.  This is our 7th security light. We are lighting up the interior streets to improve the streets for our guests to walk on during the evening hours.  Also, we feel that keeping the streets lit up helps to keep the park safe.  After being open for business over 3 years we are still making improvements  and this will be a non ending process because we want to remain the park everyone is talking about!     

 Folks don't think that a big 50,000 pound excavator can not get bogged down.  I classify Justin in the top 5%  when it comes  to operating an excavator, but even with a professional like Justin it can happen. With the help of another 50,000 pound excavator we did get it out of the bog though.    


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