The Cain family pictured above welcomes you to  Creekside .  From Left to Right - Dustin Cain, Rodney V. Cain, Karen Cain, & Justin Cain.   Justin is the manager and doing a great job.  Thank You for visiting and staying with us .

 I am pictured above beside one of my campaign signs.  For over 15 years I have wanted to be the Tax Commissioner for Lowndes County.  After much prayer, thought, and consideration I have decided to run for this position.  As  YOUR Tax Commissioner ,  I will represent folks living in Hahira, Clyatville, Dasher,  Lake Park,  Naylor, Remerton, Twin Lakes, Valdosta, and all of Lowndes County.

I would like to Thank all of my constituents for electing me as your Tax Commissioner for Lowndes County. I love my job even more this second  term than the first.  January 01, 2017  forward

Rodney, Karen, & Dustin Cain at Smok'n Pig.  We went out and had dinner with Steve & Kim Strick at Smok'n Pig on the evening of September 3, 2014.  Steve & Kim Strick are 2 of the finest people you will find any where in the world.  Pictured below is a  picture of Steve & Kim setting across the table from   us.  We really enjoyed our outing and dinner with this fine couple.                                                            

Our 2 sons. Justin on the left and Dustin on the right.  

                            Rodney V. Cain on the left and R. Dustin Cain on the right. 

      This is my wife Karen. Karen is showing off her catch. She is 1 of the best at catching bass, but Karen's favorite hobby is tending to her herd of Register Brahman Cattle.  Check out our registered brahman cattle page out @

                     My wonderful, loving, and caring parents - Vernon & Jean Cain. 


Daddy taking a coffee break at home and enjoying the outdoors on July 1, 2010.  

This is a picture of 3 generations that I will always cherish. Pictured from left to right my dad, me, and  my  oldest son. This picture was taken at my brother - Rusty's house on July 4, 2007.

From left to right front row my mother - Jean, and my daddy - Vernon. From left to right back row Jason and Rusty (my 2 brothers) and me. This picture was taken Christmas of 2010.

Above is a picture of Justin and his papa. Taken Christmas of 2010. This was Papa's last Christmas with all of us. My daddy passed July 3, 2011 and went to heaven.  Daddy we sure do miss you.

     Rodney and Karen having Christmas at my parent's house - Christmas 2010.

    Mother and Daddy - 12/25/2007 

 In this picture from R to L is my son Dustin, me, my son Justin, my daddy, my brother Jason, his son Cameron, my brother Rusty and his son Case. We all enjoyed setting around the fire and burning out a stump in my parents front yard.  This picture was taken in 2010.

                  Pictured above is my brother - Rusty A. Cain and my daddy - Vernon E. Cain. 

My daddy at his computer and probably on eBay bidding on silver coins or  either a Case knife.  Daddy collected silver coins & Case pocket knives.  

Pictured above is our youngest son Dustin.  Dustin's goal and plans are to one day become a pharmacist. I feel that he will become a pharmacist or another Dr. Charles Stanley.  Either way I will be very pleased and happy. Rodney V. Cain

Pictured above is Justin dressed as Best Man for his friend Tray's wedding.  Photo taken on 09/08/2012.   

Above is a picture of Justin's new 2011 Dopdge truck with his favorite engine a Cummins diesel. 


You can tell it has been a long day for Justin at the FFA State Steer Judging. This event is held annuallly  in Perry, Georgia.


Pictured  to the left is a picture of Mother at the age of 76.  Mother does not look her age.


 Pictured above is Dustin holding his favorite pet rabbit.  

This photo taken on 12/24/2010  of my youngest brother Jason and me. Our family enjoys getting together especially during Christmas.

Dustin on Christmas Eve. 12/24/2010  

The 4 pictures above were taken in 2010 of Dustin and me building some blue bird boxes.  We have raised hundreds maybe thousands of blue birds over the years.  


To the left  Dustin is pictured tubing  at Reed Bingham. Justin was pulling him behind Justin's boat.  Also, Justin pulled Karen & me the same day.  What a day this was; we all 4 had a great time.   June of 2013

Justin is the best of the best at operating heavy equipment. This proves that even the best operator can bogg a 25 ton excavator.  

Pictured above is Justin's new Honda 4 wheel drive that he purchased October of 2013.

Dustin having fun in Perry riding the bumper cars on 10/04/2008.  You can not ride just once!


                    Rodney V. Cain  on   09/2014                 

This painting can found on the side wall of the new Harvey's Supermarket located  in Hahira. 

    Pictured above is my youngest brother Jason C. Cain.


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