Class A 

                             Class B 

                      Class C 

                        5th Wheel

                      Travel Trailer 

                          Pop Up 

                  Truck Camper 

The 30+ year old trailer that is often fixed up as a hunters mansion and towed to the deer woods.  


Basic Definition of RV Classes 


Class A - This motorized RV is generally considered the nicest motor home usually having the comforts of a house. It normally ranges in lengths of 30' - 40'.

Class B - This motorized RV is built on a van chassis. Class B is the smaller of the 3 classes being 17' - 19' makes it an easy RV to maneuver.  

Class C - This is a motorized RV that is built on a truck chassis. This RV most often has an extra bed above the truck's cab. This RV is normally considered a mid grade RV - bigger than Class B and smaller than Class A. The average size range for a Class C is 20' - 32' in length.

The RV that is made from the bus conversion being motorized of course is often very elaborate and may cost over a million dollars.  

There are 3 different towable RV's which of course are not motorized. These are pulled behind a car or truck. There is the 5th wheel, the travel trailer, and the pop up trailer. The 5th wheel and travel trailer are both available in the 30' - 40' range. The pop up trailer is most often found in the 8' - 12' length range, but it is available up to 25' in length.

Another camper not seen too often anymore is the Truck Camper which is a camper that can be put in the bed of a pick up truck. It can easily be removed from the truck when not in use. 


                           Picture taken in 1929 -  3,000 tents were set up in Arcadia, Florida.

An early version of the  motor home. This picture was taken in 1929 of a motor home parked in Arcadia, Florida.  Do you see a big difference in this motor home compared to today's motor homes?


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