Creekside RV Park is on the South side of Cain Creek Pond. This picture shows Cain Creek Pond taken from the edge of the peninsula of Creekside RV Park. 

The above picture was taken from near the front or north eastern edge of CREEKSIDE RV PARK. 

Another view taken from CREEKSIDE RV PARK'S peninsula when we were developing Creekside. 

Cain's Creek Pond is stocked with Bass, CatFish, Bream, Specs, Georgia Giants and a few others. Karen, my wife is showing off here catch here which is a bass weighing about 8 pounds.

This large fancy motor home belongs to Steve - a retired engineer from the great state of California.  

Picture taken July 31, 2011 - Notice how full this pond is - how good this pond holds water.  Fishing allowed for Cain's Creekside RV Park's registered guests only.  

Our newest addition to our greeting committee.  This beautiful hen named Fred because at first we thought she was a male,  has hatched out all 27 of her eggs.  This is totally unheard of for a duck to hatch not only  all of her eggs, but this many at one time.  The reason for some all white and some spotted is that Fred had 2 boy friends.   The little ones hatched on 7/3/15, but Sonya will keep them in a  pen and feed them for approximately 30 days.  They need to grow for about 30 days before being released into the pond.  If not, the big bass in the pond will eat them. Thanks to Sonya and Bryan, a great couple for feeding and taking such good care of all the ducks and geese. Photo taken on July 4th, 2015, by Sonya Johnson.

Pictured above left to right my brother Rusty and his son Case; My brother Jason's son Cam & Jason seated; my daddy Vernon E. Cain; my son Justin, me and my son Dustin. Picture taken 2010, Justin is the  manager of Cain's Creekside RV Park.


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